Sunday, April 19, 2015

 Custom AK's
Wisconsin Tactical gunsmithing and firearms is manufacturing custom rifles . . . This year we decided to move into the forefront in building custom AK's. WITAC AK's are not your grandfathers AK . . . Unless that's what you want.  Have an idea, tell us, we'll do our best to make your dream come true . . . Magpul furniture . . . No problem . . . Slings, scope mounts, choice of rails . . . No problem.

WITAC, gunsmiths in Wisconsin.
 WITAC with an Attitude

We make the receiver in house . . . From a flat, we bend, drill, rivet, heat treat, paint . . . Just about any finish you desire, from cerakoting, parkerizing, hydrodipping and any others this paper pusher doesn't know about . . . We are gunsmiths with an attitude. My way of saying we don't have a habit of turning jobs away because they're hard . . . We have the machinery for just about anything. With the mindset . . . Let's do it.
Our AK's start at $799 . . . Come in and see us.

Is your desire to build an AK yourself . . . ?

From our very inception, Wisconsin Tactical has helped many of our customers build the gun of their dreams . . . We started with a BUILD YOUR OWN AR Class. You just couldn't believe their smiles . . . And so we added an AK class . . . To be honest building an AK isn't for everyone, but if you like working with you hands and big machines . . .

We take great pride in helping our customers build the gun of their dreams . . . And one dealer came from Georgia and he built a full auto AK . . . If you're interested in going to the next step, maybe building an AK is your next project . . . Come in and talk to us.

Friday, April 10, 2015

We are gunsmiths . . . We build firearms . . . Wisconsin Tactical was the brain child of my two sons and together they built a dream. The vision I like to say was conceived by fire and grew in the bowels of a fire storm . . . And then my youngest son died . . . And now I am driven to grow WITAC . . . We are gunsmiths . . . We Are WITAC.

Many say they're gunsmiths . . . And yet . . . Each day my guys surprise me. In the beginning we had good days and bad days. And now the bad days are usually the lack of communication. 

We started building AR's and slowly we took on jobs I thought were far over our head . . . Slowly we grew in expertise and abilities . . . My guys never settle, they never say no and WITAC is growing . . . Today we go much farther then most gunsmiths.

Hot Bluing, Parkerizing, Cerakoting, Hydrodipping, Engraving
Firearm restoration
Trigger Jobs, install sights, scopes
Machine parts, cut and thread barrels,
Building parts kits

We build . . .
AR's, part kits . . .

Come see what we do . . .

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Nighthawk Custom . . . Why own one?

In a world far away, where hostile environments move with the waves and piece of mind comes knowing a Nighthawk Custom is on your side. So many are stigmatized by the price. You get what you pay for . . . If you want the best, well that's a Nighthawk.

If you want a 45 . . . You want a 1911 . . . If you want the best, you want a Nighthawk.

One gunsmith makes your firearm from start to finish. If by chance . . .  or just want to ask a question, all you have to do is call Nighthawk and you'll be talking to the builder of your firearm. Try that with Sig, Para . . . To emphasize, Nighthawk Custom does not build factory guns. Each gun is custom fitted with Nighthawk Custom parts. Each gun is of the utmost quality, because the guy building it . . . His name is on it. Maybe not physically, but emotionally . . . Everyone knows he built your gun.

Each firearm is tested . . . The target accompanies your firearm, proof of it's accuracy. Everyone I've ever seen, has broken the small black square at the bottom of the target. Evidence that your Nighthawk is a tack driver at fifteen yards . . . And as always a signature at the bottom of the target, proof of accuracy.

So be assured anyone watching will quickly know you as owning a Nighthawk . . . In the black, once again.