Friday, May 15, 2015

Wisconsin Tactical Custom AK's

WITAC builds Wisconsin Custom AK's . . . The way you think your AK should be built. From a flat receiver, we bend them just right for the tightest AK . . . 

+ Receivers are Heat Treated

Then the receiver is heat treated, right here . . . The right way. If they are not done right, your receiver will be brittle and they will break . . . WITAC does them just right . . .

The Receivers are Tempered just right

Dipped in oil to cool and then brought up to just the right temperature to give them flexibility . . . For just the right amount of time.

All your parts are sand blasted and finished exactly to your specifications . . . WITAC specializes in quality finishes . . . If you want a gold AK, all the parts will be Cerakoted . . . Painted and then baked for the hardest finish.

If you want it Parkerized . . . We'll do it . . . We can even give your AK a custom Hydo-dip pattern . . . Be camo or some cool look . . . There are hundreds to choose from . . . What ever your choice WITAC will make it happen.

 Your rifle is assembled using just the right parts . . . And then we test fire it . . . So you don't have to. 

WITAC stands behind every firearm we build . . . Or it doesn't say 

Wisconsin Tactical.

Wisconsin Tactical Gunsmithing . . . We Are Gunsmiths . . . We do what others say they do. We are WITAC.Come in and see us today . . .

Monday, May 4, 2015

Wisconsin Tactical matched AR-15 Upper and Lower is here. No rattle . . . We are working with our manufacturer to make the tightest AR on the market. Our goal is to build a complete Wisconsin AR. We are Gunsmiths . . . And that means we are able to customize your AR any way you want it.

WITAC specializes in helping you build the AR of your dreams . . . Cerakoting . . . We cerakote any color you want . . . We don't just spray your gun, we bake it for a more durable finish.

We do Engraving . . . 

Want to make your firearm speak for itself . . . WITAC can make your firearm standout above the rest.

Just tell us what you want to say and we'll make it happen.

Come See what our gunsmiths are doing today.