Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wisconsin Tactical builds AK's

Wisconsin's Premier Gunsmith

Wisconsin Tactical builds AK's . . . Not Just Your Grandpa's AK's, but custom AK's . . . We painstakingly start from a piece of flat metal, drill, bend precisely and heat it, tempering it for just the right hardness. Each firearm is designed to the highest quality, with you in mind. Our guns are not factory guns.

Each one is carefully crafted, from napkin designs with cad like detail  . . . No Oh Shit moments here . . . We wouldn't allow that. Nor would we build two exactly alike.

Each Cerakote finish is baked on making it rock tough . . . Ever seen a green AK . . . You have now . . . Everyone tells me, they have to have a stock . . . For what, I say . . . Mine is the under-folder below . . . It's my version of a MP40 . . . How Cool, Right?

WITAC builds dreams . . . I couldn't afford an MP40, so Wisconsin Tactical built me something as close as I could get. The under-folder wouldn't fit with a side scope mount . . . So they modified the under-folder / cutting it and welding in a cheek rest, just so it would clear --- Why?  Because that's what I wanted . . . You don't have to settle, just tell WITAC what you want and they'll do it.

Oh and I have a bayonet lug . . . Again, Why? Cause that's what I wanted . . . Add my single point sling and you'll be drooling too!!!

Maybe the next one, I'll have them do in a green . . . How about a green AK Pistol?

Got to have a stock . . . The hell you do . . . Business is handled in fifty feet or less. Check out what WITAC can do for you . . .

Wisconsin Tactical builds precision rifles too . . .

Monday, February 8, 2016

Silencers are mis-understood

Wisconsin's Premier Gunsmith

Silencers aka. suppressors are mis-understood . . . They carry a taboo, the movies have made them into the tool of the assassin. The truth is much closer to earth . . . They prevent hearing loss. Suppressors cut the damaging explosive crack of a bullet to a non harmful range. They do this by muffling the explosive gases escaping as the bullet leaves the barrel. In Europe suppressors are required.

Suppressors, in the legal sense are considered an NFA . . . The same requirement as a Short Barrel Rifle . . . Form 4 paperwork, a trust, $200 tax stamp . . .

There's other ways to go, but the best is with a trust . . . A trust is a legal document that explains who owns each suppressor, who can use the suppressor and what will happen with the suppressor when the owner dies . . . Without the trust the owner's survivors will have to surrender the suppressor . . . All purchased NFA items can be added to the trust . . . That is until laws change . . . But today this is the best way to go.

Wisconsin Tactical has hired the leading NFA Trust Lawyer in Waukesha to help you complete the confusing mire of paperwork. Thou he hasn't been retained as a lawyer per say, he is there to make the process as turnkey as possible.

Whether you buy a WITAC Suppressor or another manufacturer's suppressor, let Wisconsin Tactical help handle the mire of confusing NFA paperwork . . . Call or stop in today to see why Wisconsin Tactical Suppressors is leader Suppressors.  

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

WITAC's been busy

Wisconsin's Premier Gunsmith

WITAC's been busy . . . 

We are Gunsmiths before everything else . . . When our Gunsmithing Racks are full, I am not happy . . . Because you're not happy either . . . But understand this is temporary and we are working to fix this . . . Currently our Turn-a-round for us is at an all time high, 4 to 5 weeks. We've hired two people and our racks are starting to show empty spaces. A couple more weeks and we'll be back to 2 to 3 weeks Turn-a-round.

This year we have taken in 719 projects and finished 609 . . . These numbers do not reflect our AR or AK builds, just Work Orders . . . WITAC is proud of our transition from an everyday gun store to Wisconsin's Premier Gunsmith . . . We have developed a Dealer Gunsmithing Program for area Firearm Dealers who don't have the resources we do . . . And it's growing daily. In 2016 we plan to do more.

Current WITAC Gunsmithing Services 
+ Cerakoting
+ Parkerizing
+ Hydro-Dipping
+ Engraving

In 2015 we added . . . and many, many more

+ Custom AK's
+ Custom AR's
+ an enhanced Build Your Own AR / Build Your Own AK programs
+ We built a Web Site so you had our Distributors Inventories at your finger tips . . .
+ Introduced a WITAC AR Lower / Matched Upper and Lower
+ Introduced a WITAC AK Receiver

In 2016 we plan to add Precision Rifles to our Services . . . Basically taking a factory rifle and making it into a tack driver.

We are always striving to be Wisconsin's Premier Gunsmith.

WITAC wishes everyone a happy and prosperous New Year . . .

Dan Hanosh

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Why buy a Barrett 50BMG

Wisconsin's Premier Gunsmith
 Why buy a Barrett?
Why not?  I remember my first shot with a Barrett as if it were yesterday . . . I was working a Deer Sight In for our gun club. We brought a Barrett just to have something to play with. Sitting at a table I put my scopes reticle on the black of the target . . . I squeezed the trigger . . . And my eyes closed . . . "What the hell", I thought . . . I looked to my sides, everyone seemed to be picking themselves up, dusting themselves off . . . I looked through my scope and the black of the target was gone . . . 
Everyone believes there's no place to shoot a 50BMG Barrett . . . The truth is, a Barrett is a destination rifle. Find a range, take a drive and see what a Barrett can do. At 150 yards, no drop . . . Probably no drop up to 500 yards. But what about a thousand? I don't know . . . 
There's always the desert . . . I wonder . . .  
Come see what adventures WITAC has to offer . . . 

Friday, October 16, 2015

What Should You Look For In A Gunsmith

Wisconsin's Premier Gunsmith

What should you look for in a Gunsmith . . .

All gunsmiths are not the same. Therefore what should you look for in a gunsmith.

Most customers look for price first. Cheap doesn't always get the best results. Look for those services that distinguishes the gunsmith from everyone else. Do they have the tools to do the job. Not all gunsmiths have a machine shop, not all of them know what to do with when they have one.

Can they make a part if they have to? Not important unless your project requires it. Do they outsource everything? Also not important if they take it a reputable Gunsmith . . . 

WITAC does a lot of work for other dealers. Our dealers are our customer and their work is expedited. We usually get their projects back in a week or less . . . 

In searching for a Gunsmith, find out what their turnaround is. Ours on average is two weeks or less. And when we run over it's always because of ordering parts . . . Still we're at around two weeks. Our turnaround is something we're proud of.  

Do they do Hot Bluing, Cerakoting, Hydro-dipping, Engraving, Precision Rifle Work, Barrel Threading? Most of the time, it's because the gunsmith doesn't have the expertise to do whatever it takes . . .

 Not all trigger jobs are the same . . . Some gunsmiths . . . Well let's just say they shouldn't be gunsmiths.

WITAC gets so many guns worked on by these fellows and we start by shaking our heads . . . And then we fix whatever we have to and do the job the way it was supposed to have been done. And sometimes the firearm has been ruined . . . And then we have to order new parts for our customer's new gun . . . 

Word of Mouth Advertising is a good Gunsmiths best friend and the kiss of death for those who should . . .  

Wisconsin Tactical gunsmithing, WITAC hot bluing, WITAC cerakoting,  WITAC Hydro-dipping, WITAC Engraving, WITAC Precision Rifle Work, WITAC Barrel Threading

Monday, October 5, 2015

Buying A Handgun

Buying your first handgun . . . 

Chances are you're not going to like it. This is hard for me to say, because I'm a collector. I love guns.  And each firearm in my collection is different. Every one has pluses and minuses. But if you are a buyer that has to love their purchase then you will be back . . . Knowing is the only thing that will keep you from making that first gun purchase mistake . . . Don't fret it, everyone does it. I don't care if you have read everything on all the handguns ever made . . . That's all worthless knowledge without the experience of pulling the trigger. Each caliber has a different recoil. "The Kick", usually determines if a buyer is happy with their purchase. Can the buyer control, learn to control the recoil? Are they willing to put in the time? Experience allows the shooter to handle and enjoy larger calibers. Hand strength will determine if shooter should opt for a revolver or a pistol.

I would never suggest a Smith & Wesson 500 Stub nose for a novice . . . That's a little much even for me. Still it's very cool . . . You see a 500, held two handed may very likely end up hitting you in your head . . . The recoil is a monster. Although a Smith & Wesson 37 air weight 38 is a tact driver . . .

In summary we know, knowledge and experience are very important . . . What else? The buyer needs to know why or for what purpose they are buying the gun. If you are a new shooter, let the sales person assist you in finding the right handgun. Most retailers are experienced shooters.

What every shooter needs to know before they buy . . .

Is it for protection?
    Budget / No Budget - Money always determines the quality of firearm.
    Holster / Purse / Nightstand - How you plan on carrying the firearm . . . Safety first.
    Little hand strength / Lots - Revolver vs 1911, slide gun.
    New Shooter / Experienced - Revolver vs Slide Gun.

The easiest firearm to master is a revolver. The downside is 6 rounds vs . . . The truth, you only need one round. My 2 inch snub nose is a tact driver at 15 feet to 20 feet with one hand.

Let WITAC assist you in buying your first handgun. Wisconsin Tactical gunsmithing, we are gunsmiths . . .

Monday, September 14, 2015

AR Billet Receivers vs Forged Receivers . . .

Everyone says Forged is stronger . . . Maybe, maybe not  . . .

But what does that mean to you . . . Nothing. Both will work for you. For me I like the look of crisp lines on a billet lower and the precision of a matched set. WITAC has built ours to our specifications and they are tight . . . No clinking sound when you shake it . . . No one will here you coming.

The truth is in the beholder . . . You need to know what you’re looking for in an AR? Do you want an AR that is functional or do you want a light weight precision beauty?

A forged lower may be great for you . . . But a good billet build is superior because of the tolerances adhered to. Typically billet builders are more concerned with building the best firearm and that starts with a precise base, the upper and lower receiver. A matched upper and lower set is had when you go to your dealer and test the fit of your upper and lower before you buy. . . When we sell a matched set, we’ve already tested the fit.

And then you add barrels, bolt carrier groups, triggers, buffer tubes, buffer springs, buffers, flash hiders, gas blocks, sights, etc.  to your build . . . And each piece will determine the precision of your firearm.

The AR platform was designed as an A2 style rifle . . . That means a plastic stock, plastic triangle handguard, carry handle . . . Vietnam comes to mind . . . Soldiers tested to make sure they could shoot accurately at 100 to 400 yards on iron sights . . . And that platform has evolved to where it is today. Still the cheapest platform and then it goes up from there.

Wisconsin Tactical Custom AR’s can assure you that you’ll get what you want for the money you budget for your project. We’ll even sit with you and while you build your Custom AR . . . That’s right a custom AR BUILT BY YOU.  WITAC has built thousands . . . Call us or Come in and see what Wisconsin Tactical can do for you.