Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to build a Precision Rifle


Where should you start to build a precision Rifle? At the beginning and the means determining what the goal is. So many of us never know when we've succeeded . . . Sounds a little silly, but it isn't. In terms of project management 80% of any goal can be done cheaply . . . It's the next 20% that could cost millions.

Everyone seems to think precision can be bought . . .Maybe in a perfect world but a factory gun is still a factory gun. Don't get me wrong . . . A factory gun is a great place to start. Just find one you like. We like to start with a Remington 700 or a Savage . . . Savage has the Accu Trigger, thus eliminating the trigger pull problem.

Then it's a question of caliber . . . The largest caliber is going to require more gunsmithing, because the recoil is going to damage reliability factors . . . Zeroing and holding zero of the scope . . . And never forget creating bad shooting habits. Simply put, if it hurts, you're going to avoid shooting or seldom shoot. Adding a compensator will decrease recoil force by 30 to 50% . . . Bring on that 338 or 300 Winmag.

Now you're shooting . . . Zero in your gun at 100yards, 200 yards or 400yards . . . Sure you could determine clicks of the scope, but how about setting the scope and forgetting it.  Many shooters zero at 200yrds knowing that 100yrds is two inches high and 400yrds is two point whatever inches low . . . And that takes practice and with time experience will come . . . And then maybe you'll want to learn to use the scope, maybe not.

Now you want 1" groupings . . . Maybe touching . . . The same hole !!!

Action Blueprinting . . . Actions are fit in a fixture and centered off bore line. Lugs, face and threads are recut to true bore.
Glass Bedding . . . Bedding action and recoil lug, leaving barrel free floating.
A trigger job and add a new Stock, recoil pad and shoot some more.
Reloading . . . Reloads are fit to the gun they were last fired from . . . Hence they are fit to your gun for a tighter grouping.

Talk to your Gunsmith or Ours to see what's the right way to go for you. And remember you'll always be as accurate as you want to . . . We are WITAC, We are WITAC gunsmithing. We do what others say they do . . . Wisconsin gunsmiths near milwaukee.

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Wisconsin Tactical Custom Rifles

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Wisconsin Tactical Gunsmithing

Wisconsin Tactical gunsmithing, We are WITAC gunsmithing . . .

Disassble, Clean, Oil and Assemble Rifle, Shotgun or Handgun. Completely strip firearm and inspect for wear. Lubricate and re-assemble to factory specs. As gunsmiths this is our usual starting place . . . We inspect and advise part replacement so your firearm will work when you need it to work.

Safety Check
A safety check is advised when you are not sure of a firearm . . . This procedure insures your safety. Should be done for used firearms.

Test Firing
We fire your gun, making sure it is operating properly. When you're not sure . . . Let us test it.

Scope and Sight
Mount and Bore-sight of Scope includes mounting of scope rings to your rifle, shotgun, or handgun. Leveling scope and bore sighting. May include lapping of scope rings as necessary. Designed as a starting point for sighting in your rifle . . . Accurate to get you "on paper" at 50 yds.

Installation of Handgun sights includes removal of original sights and pressing on or otherwise mounting new sights.

Drill and Tap Holes in barrel or receiver for scope mounts or sights.

Bead Sight installation. Either front or mid-bead sight on shotgun barrels. Price of bead not included.

Cerakote or Duracote refinishing in a variety of custom colors. Can be applied to metals, plastics or any hard material . . . We harden Cerakote by baking.

WITAC Hydro-Dip Transfer of design patterns. Parts are stripped, painted in solid colors, patterned and clear coated.

WITAC Hot Bluing of steel components. Includes removing original finish and either polishing or bead-blasting. Results in either a deep gloss or a matte finish.

WITAC Parkerizing of Steel Components. Dark grey matte finish as seen on many military arms . . . Results are a very durable finish.

WITAC Precision Bolt Rifle
Tired of your factory rifle's grouping at the range? We can help.

WITAC Action Blueprinting
This is the starting point for making a truly accurate rifle. Actions are indicated in a fixture and centered with .0002" off of bore line. Lugs, face and threads are then recut to be true with bore. This can be done on all bolt action rifles. Single point re-cut rear of bolt lugs and bolt face perpendicular to the bolt body center line . . . New barrel is required once complete.

Installation of new barrel
Barrel blank is installed into lathe and centered off bore line to within .0002". Tenon is cut to the threads of the action, not thread specs. This makes a tighter fitting barrel with less movement which allows for better accuracy. Barrel is then chambered to minimum match headspace. Finished by contouring the barrel to specified contour and match crown.

Sako extractor - fixes broken factory extractor and extraction problems.

Full action stress free bedding
This includes completely bedding action and recoil lug while leaving the barrel free floating.

Other Processes . . .
Open barrel channel
Stock installation
Bottom metal inletting
Installation of adjustable recoil pad
Barrel Threading
Cut and Crown Barrel

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Not all 1911's are alike

Not all 1911's are alike . . . Nighthawk Custom's are in a class by themselves. One gunsmith builds them from the very first step to the point where he stamps his initials on the frame under the grip. Every piece is hand fitted . . . Every possible advantage is thought of and implemented in the build . . . From polishing the feed ramp, trigger job, sight placement, etc. It's all done, giving the firearm the tightest grouping at the range.    Nighthawk Custom

Wisconsin Tactical gunsmithing . . . WITAC 1911's . . . We can improve your 1911 . . . Wisconsin Tactical Custom 1911's . . . We can't make it into a Nighthawk, but we can improve its performance . . . We'll polish the feed ramps, tighten up the slide, give it a trigger job . . . Giving you a tighter grouping at the range. It doesn't matter who makes your 1911 . . . WITAC can make it a better firearm.

If you want a better looking 1911 . . . Wisconsin Tactical will refinish it . . . Anything from Bluing, Cerakoting, Parkerizing or even Hydro-dipping . . . If you want to engraving, WITAC can even put any words of wisdom on your firearm. Everyone will know your "Deerslayer" for what it is.

Wisconsin Tactical we do what others say they do . . . Come in and see what Wisconsin Gunsmiths can do for you . . . WITAC gunsmithing . . .  Wisconsin Tactical

Thursday, July 2, 2015

WITAC Gunsmithing Network

Wisconsin Tactical Gunsmithing


Wisconsin Tactical gunsmithing, aka. WITAC . . . We have been in business for three years and slowly have found our niche. We do what others say they do and we do it very well. WITAC has a complete machine shop and we know how to use it . . . From Building WITAC Custom AK's, WITAC Custom AR's, WITAC Custom Rifles, WITAC Suppressors to machining out of date parts . . . WITAC does is all. And now we offer our services to You . . . 

Why Offer Gunsmithing . . . Because nothing lasts forever.

Better service for your customers. Instead of sending them away to fend for themselves (or to end up at your competition), you can now offer full-service repairs and refinishing. That means your customers keep coming right to back where you want them – your store.

Increased floor traffic. Gunsmithing gives your existing customers one more reason to come to you, and gives new customers a reason to seek you out. Of course, once they’re in the store they’re likely to find other things they “need” as well. 

Minimal effort profits. With our turn-key gunsmith services, all you need to do is fill out the tag and make a call. We take care of everything else. You can now compete with the “Big-Box” guys at a fraction of the cost. It’s the easiest way to add a new profit center - and grow your business - that you’ll ever find.

Market position. When you offer services that your competition can’t, or that aren’t available anywhere else in your area, you become the “expert” to go to. That boost in reputation pays dividends across all areas of your store. 

Dealer Advantage . . . 
20% Savings
10 Days to Pay
Drop Off /or WITAC We'll Pickup

Give Us a call at 262-349-9079 and see how easy it is to offer complete Gunsmithing to your Customers . . .  

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