Monday, July 20, 2015

Wisconsin Tactical Gunsmithing

Wisconsin Tactical gunsmithing, We are WITAC gunsmithing . . .

Disassble, Clean, Oil and Assemble Rifle, Shotgun or Handgun. Completely strip firearm and inspect for wear. Lubricate and re-assemble to factory specs. As gunsmiths this is our usual starting place . . . We inspect and advise part replacement so your firearm will work when you need it to work.

Safety Check
A safety check is advised when you are not sure of a firearm . . . This procedure insures your safety. Should be done for used firearms.

Test Firing
We fire your gun, making sure it is operating properly. When you're not sure . . . Let us test it.

Scope and Sight
Mount and Bore-sight of Scope includes mounting of scope rings to your rifle, shotgun, or handgun. Leveling scope and bore sighting. May include lapping of scope rings as necessary. Designed as a starting point for sighting in your rifle . . . Accurate to get you "on paper" at 50 yds.

Installation of Handgun sights includes removal of original sights and pressing on or otherwise mounting new sights.

Drill and Tap Holes in barrel or receiver for scope mounts or sights.

Bead Sight installation. Either front or mid-bead sight on shotgun barrels. Price of bead not included.

Cerakote or Duracote refinishing in a variety of custom colors. Can be applied to metals, plastics or any hard material . . . We harden Cerakote by baking.

WITAC Hydro-Dip Transfer of design patterns. Parts are stripped, painted in solid colors, patterned and clear coated.

WITAC Hot Bluing of steel components. Includes removing original finish and either polishing or bead-blasting. Results in either a deep gloss or a matte finish.

WITAC Parkerizing of Steel Components. Dark grey matte finish as seen on many military arms . . . Results are a very durable finish.

WITAC Precision Bolt Rifle
Tired of your factory rifle's grouping at the range? We can help.

WITAC Action Blueprinting
This is the starting point for making a truly accurate rifle. Actions are indicated in a fixture and centered with .0002" off of bore line. Lugs, face and threads are then recut to be true with bore. This can be done on all bolt action rifles. Single point re-cut rear of bolt lugs and bolt face perpendicular to the bolt body center line . . . New barrel is required once complete.

Installation of new barrel
Barrel blank is installed into lathe and centered off bore line to within .0002". Tenon is cut to the threads of the action, not thread specs. This makes a tighter fitting barrel with less movement which allows for better accuracy. Barrel is then chambered to minimum match headspace. Finished by contouring the barrel to specified contour and match crown.

Sako extractor - fixes broken factory extractor and extraction problems.

Full action stress free bedding
This includes completely bedding action and recoil lug while leaving the barrel free floating.

Other Processes . . .
Open barrel channel
Stock installation
Bottom metal inletting
Installation of adjustable recoil pad
Barrel Threading
Cut and Crown Barrel

Come in and see what our experts recommend . . . WITAC Gunsmithing

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