Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wisconsin Tactical Custom AK's

Wisconsin Tactical Custom AK's

Wisconsin Tactical gunsmithing brings out it's Custom Line of AK's . . . Why buy just any old AK when you can have one just the way you want it. WITAC wants you to have the gun of your dreams . . . Come in and see what makes Wisconsin Tactical different then everyone else.

WITAC engraving . . . We can make your firearm special by engraving your own words to your loved one. Have us paint it just the way you pictured it or hydro-dip it with a special pattern . . . Anyway you want it, that's the way we'll do it . . .  Just for you.

WITAC Hydrodipping . . . 
Just pick the pattern and 
we'll do the rest.

 Wisconsin Tactical does what everyone else says they do and we do it right . . . Choose the furniture that's right for you . . . Want a scope on your AK? No problem, WITAC can install a scope mount for you.

Come in and see what Wisconsin Tactical firearms can do for you . . . We do what everyone says they do . . . We are gunsmiths . . . We are WITAC. 

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