Monday, September 14, 2015

AR Billet Receivers vs Forged Receivers . . .

Everyone says Forged is stronger . . . Maybe, maybe not  . . .

But what does that mean to you . . . Nothing. Both will work for you. For me I like the look of crisp lines on a billet lower and the precision of a matched set. WITAC has built ours to our specifications and they are tight . . . No clinking sound when you shake it . . . No one will here you coming.

The truth is in the beholder . . . You need to know what you’re looking for in an AR? Do you want an AR that is functional or do you want a light weight precision beauty?

A forged lower may be great for you . . . But a good billet build is superior because of the tolerances adhered to. Typically billet builders are more concerned with building the best firearm and that starts with a precise base, the upper and lower receiver. A matched upper and lower set is had when you go to your dealer and test the fit of your upper and lower before you buy. . . When we sell a matched set, we’ve already tested the fit.

And then you add barrels, bolt carrier groups, triggers, buffer tubes, buffer springs, buffers, flash hiders, gas blocks, sights, etc.  to your build . . . And each piece will determine the precision of your firearm.

The AR platform was designed as an A2 style rifle . . . That means a plastic stock, plastic triangle handguard, carry handle . . . Vietnam comes to mind . . . Soldiers tested to make sure they could shoot accurately at 100 to 400 yards on iron sights . . . And that platform has evolved to where it is today. Still the cheapest platform and then it goes up from there.

Wisconsin Tactical Custom AR’s can assure you that you’ll get what you want for the money you budget for your project. We’ll even sit with you and while you build your Custom AR . . . That’s right a custom AR BUILT BY YOU.  WITAC has built thousands . . . Call us or Come in and see what Wisconsin Tactical can do for you.

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