Monday, October 5, 2015

Buying A Handgun

Buying your first handgun . . . 

Chances are you're not going to like it. This is hard for me to say, because I'm a collector. I love guns.  And each firearm in my collection is different. Every one has pluses and minuses. But if you are a buyer that has to love their purchase then you will be back . . . Knowing is the only thing that will keep you from making that first gun purchase mistake . . . Don't fret it, everyone does it. I don't care if you have read everything on all the handguns ever made . . . That's all worthless knowledge without the experience of pulling the trigger. Each caliber has a different recoil. "The Kick", usually determines if a buyer is happy with their purchase. Can the buyer control, learn to control the recoil? Are they willing to put in the time? Experience allows the shooter to handle and enjoy larger calibers. Hand strength will determine if shooter should opt for a revolver or a pistol.

I would never suggest a Smith & Wesson 500 Stub nose for a novice . . . That's a little much even for me. Still it's very cool . . . You see a 500, held two handed may very likely end up hitting you in your head . . . The recoil is a monster. Although a Smith & Wesson 37 air weight 38 is a tact driver . . .

In summary we know, knowledge and experience are very important . . . What else? The buyer needs to know why or for what purpose they are buying the gun. If you are a new shooter, let the sales person assist you in finding the right handgun. Most retailers are experienced shooters.

What every shooter needs to know before they buy . . .

Is it for protection?
    Budget / No Budget - Money always determines the quality of firearm.
    Holster / Purse / Nightstand - How you plan on carrying the firearm . . . Safety first.
    Little hand strength / Lots - Revolver vs 1911, slide gun.
    New Shooter / Experienced - Revolver vs Slide Gun.

The easiest firearm to master is a revolver. The downside is 6 rounds vs . . . The truth, you only need one round. My 2 inch snub nose is a tact driver at 15 feet to 20 feet with one hand.

Let WITAC assist you in buying your first handgun. Wisconsin Tactical gunsmithing, we are gunsmiths . . .

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