Monday, February 8, 2016

Silencers are mis-understood

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Silencers aka. suppressors are mis-understood . . . They carry a taboo, the movies have made them into the tool of the assassin. The truth is much closer to earth . . . They prevent hearing loss. Suppressors cut the damaging explosive crack of a bullet to a non harmful range. They do this by muffling the explosive gases escaping as the bullet leaves the barrel. In Europe suppressors are required.

Suppressors, in the legal sense are considered an NFA . . . The same requirement as a Short Barrel Rifle . . . Form 4 paperwork, a trust, $200 tax stamp . . .

There's other ways to go, but the best is with a trust . . . A trust is a legal document that explains who owns each suppressor, who can use the suppressor and what will happen with the suppressor when the owner dies . . . Without the trust the owner's survivors will have to surrender the suppressor . . . All purchased NFA items can be added to the trust . . . That is until laws change . . . But today this is the best way to go.

Wisconsin Tactical has hired the leading NFA Trust Lawyer in Waukesha to help you complete the confusing mire of paperwork. Thou he hasn't been retained as a lawyer per say, he is there to make the process as turnkey as possible.

Whether you buy a WITAC Suppressor or another manufacturer's suppressor, let Wisconsin Tactical help handle the mire of confusing NFA paperwork . . . Call or stop in today to see why Wisconsin Tactical Suppressors is leader Suppressors.  

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