Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wisconsin Tactical builds AK's

Wisconsin's Premier Gunsmith

Wisconsin Tactical builds AK's . . . Not Just Your Grandpa's AK's, but custom AK's . . . We painstakingly start from a piece of flat metal, drill, bend precisely and heat it, tempering it for just the right hardness. Each firearm is designed to the highest quality, with you in mind. Our guns are not factory guns.

Each one is carefully crafted, from napkin designs with cad like detail  . . . No Oh Shit moments here . . . We wouldn't allow that. Nor would we build two exactly alike.

Each Cerakote finish is baked on making it rock tough . . . Ever seen a green AK . . . You have now . . . Everyone tells me, they have to have a stock . . . For what, I say . . . Mine is the under-folder below . . . It's my version of a MP40 . . . How Cool, Right?

WITAC builds dreams . . . I couldn't afford an MP40, so Wisconsin Tactical built me something as close as I could get. The under-folder wouldn't fit with a side scope mount . . . So they modified the under-folder / cutting it and welding in a cheek rest, just so it would clear --- Why?  Because that's what I wanted . . . You don't have to settle, just tell WITAC what you want and they'll do it.

Oh and I have a bayonet lug . . . Again, Why? Cause that's what I wanted . . . Add my single point sling and you'll be drooling too!!!

Maybe the next one, I'll have them do in a green . . . How about a green AK Pistol?

Got to have a stock . . . The hell you do . . . Business is handled in fifty feet or less. Check out what WITAC can do for you . . .

Wisconsin Tactical builds precision rifles too . . .

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