Tuesday, December 29, 2015

WITAC's been busy

Wisconsin's Premier Gunsmith

WITAC's been busy . . . 

We are Gunsmiths before everything else . . . When our Gunsmithing Racks are full, I am not happy . . . Because you're not happy either . . . But understand this is temporary and we are working to fix this . . . Currently our Turn-a-round for us is at an all time high, 4 to 5 weeks. We've hired two people and our racks are starting to show empty spaces. A couple more weeks and we'll be back to 2 to 3 weeks Turn-a-round.

This year we have taken in 719 projects and finished 609 . . . These numbers do not reflect our AR or AK builds, just Work Orders . . . WITAC is proud of our transition from an everyday gun store to Wisconsin's Premier Gunsmith . . . We have developed a Dealer Gunsmithing Program for area Firearm Dealers who don't have the resources we do . . . And it's growing daily. In 2016 we plan to do more.

Current WITAC Gunsmithing Services 
+ Cerakoting
+ Parkerizing
+ Hydro-Dipping
+ Engraving

In 2015 we added . . . and many, many more

+ Custom AK's
+ Custom AR's
+ an enhanced Build Your Own AR / Build Your Own AK programs
+ We built a Web Site so you had our Distributors Inventories at your finger tips . . .
+ Introduced a WITAC AR Lower / Matched Upper and Lower
+ Introduced a WITAC AK Receiver

In 2016 we plan to add Precision Rifles to our Services . . . Basically taking a factory rifle and making it into a tack driver.

We are always striving to be Wisconsin's Premier Gunsmith.

WITAC wishes everyone a happy and prosperous New Year . . .

Dan Hanosh

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